Poets Hideaway

In my opinion, poetry is created to stimulate our minds and our emotions in such a way that we may or may not ever experience again in our lifetimes. Poetry is special in the respect that it has the power to communicate and connect with a person on many different levels. Thus, this is why I decided to create a page dedicated to poetry. Like a figerprint no two pieces of poetry are the same.


When I was young you took my hand

When I was young you took my hand
you held me when I cried
you bandaged all my cuts and scrapes
I know how hard you tried

You worked so hard to make a home
with little to be found
and life was hard with all us kids
you never let us down

As life went on and we all grew
and went our seperate ways
you were always our touch stone
the voice that filled our days

As time went on and life progressed
the tables surely turned
it sort of went the other way
a lesson we all learned

When you were sick we took your hand
we held you when you cried
we did our best, oh mother dear
you know how hard we tried

We held your hand and kissed your lips
we gave you all our love
and then you passed,oh mother dear
and went to god above

We think of you dear every day
you know the tears we've cried
you know our feelings deep inside
a part of us has died

I know you're watching us from up above
and want us to go on
you'll pull us through, as you've always done
and help us find the sun

When i was young you took my hand
you held me when I cried
for all of this I thank you mom
I know how hard you tried

I know that when our time comes
and our life on earth is done
you'll be there for us once again
to help us find the sun

Written By: Cassandra McNabb


My Boogeyman Horror

Shivers dancing on my spine,
as shadows sweep the corner
It's midnight, the ghostly hour
the moon by cloud is devoured
Oh how I dread my BoogieMan Horror.

Oh how I dread my BoogieMan Horror
Each night it begins, hiding my head under-cover
Heeding his footfalls, much like thunder
my breathing uneven, I labor,
from stretched-out arms I hasten.

He descends upon me as I stumble,
grasping my clothes in earnest
He secures his prey with a lustful want,
and takes from me, my honour
Oh how I dread my BoogieMan Horror

Written By: Unknown


When I first came to this town.
They used to turn the lights off
at Midnight.

Not a street light could be seen
from sea nor air.
The stars could lead the way
glittering against the raven sky.

A crime wave put an end to the black out.
Street light shines in my bedroom window.
The night hours are now lit up like day light.

Written By: Unknown


If you would like to contribute to my page please feel free to email me with you poems. I will gladly put your stuff up and expand this page. If you are interested email me at the address below. Also if you have a page of your please send me the link. I will try to get as many poems as possible on my pages. Everyone is a poet.